Halal Cow Beef Near Allentown Pa

Cow beef and fresh veal meat is something you’re still looking around for? Well then, your search is over because we have you covered! We are here to offer you fresh farm beef. We maintain a herd of healthy and carefully raised cows.

Cow Meat Farm Near Philadelphia

Welcome to Shepherd’s Touch meat farm! We are a halal beef farm located in Mohnton, PA. At our live meat market, you can be as involved as you’d like in the preparation of your high-quality halal meats.

We have a full stock of cow and veal beef at all times, for your convenience. We go as far as letting you select the specific cow that you desire, preparation is on us and totally free. Let us solve your meat needs and provide quality service.

Veal Farm Near Reading Pa

We have veals in stock!

Milk Fed Veal—Our Specialty! When it comes to beef, nothing beats the quality experience of meat from a milk-fed baby cow. We’re pleased to offer veal/baby calf meat as part of our live beef market. We keep our veal farm calves on hand at all times to satisfy your veal cravings.

10 Benefits of Quality 🐄 Cow Beef

  1. Wide range of vitamins and minerals
  2. B12 vitamin (helps keep nerve & blood cells healthy)
  3. B3 vitamin (helps to keep nervous, digestive system and skin healthy)
  4. Zinc (helps immune system fight bacteria & viruses)
  5. Has glutathione that helps protect every cell in our body from cellular damage
  6. High in protein, like amino acids —that helps our body repair and make bone, skin & cartilage
  7. Helps prevent Iron deficiency anemia (beef liver contains best source of iron)
  8. Has carnosine — helps boost immune system and reduce inflammation
  9. Contains creatine, which assists in muscle growth and development.
  10. Delicious and we have plenty of it!

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Stop buying frozen and processed cow beef, because you have choice to have it delivered by us from our farm to your table with a simple call to order process. We will be at your service, with our healthy and quality cow beef meats for sale. You’ll be satisfied with us when you source your Halal cow meat from Shepherd’s Touch!

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We work directly with beef farmers who raise only the healthiest livestock and are cared properly. We care for our animals in a state-of-the-art facility that provides a great experience, both for you and the veal. Scroll down to see what you may come across while visiting our farm.

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