Lamb farm is closer to you than you think.You’re probably tired of looking for fresh whole lamb for sale? Well, we have you covered. Our farm offers whole lambs for sale. We have a wide variety of whole lamb meat, ranging from young lambs, rams and ewe.

Lamb Meat Farm Near Philadelphia Pa

Shepherd’s touch farm welcomes you! Running Halal a lamb farm is our passion and specialty. We are located on a beautiful 17.2 acre farm out of Mohnton, Pennsylvania. We have a full stock of lamb meat at all times, at your convenience. We offer you a freedom to be involved with every step of the process—from ordering to preparation of your highly demanded quality Halal lamb meat.

Stop wasting time and health dealing with frozen and limited halal meat options at grocery stores! We will be at your service, with our healthy and quality whole lamb meats for sale. Our goal is to supply you the best and high-quality Halal lamb meat that you deserve. Treat yourself, it’s been a while… Let us feed your hunger for fresh and delicious meat!

10 Lamb 🐑 meat benefits

  1. Rich source of Iron
  2. Vitamin B
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Assets
  4. Healthy Source of Protein
  5. Helps build and repair muscle
  6. Good Source of minerals like Zinc and selenium
  7. Contains creatine, as essential energy source for muscle
  8. Delicious
  9. May help prevent anemia
  10. Overall healthy if consumed in moderate amount

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Let us supply you the right quality and 100% Halal meat at your convenience. Don’t let grocery stores box you in with limited options. We dedicate ourselves to better serve you with honesty and integrity. We have what you’re looking for, don’t wait!

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We have been working personally with farmers that offer great ways to raise and nurture livestock. At our facility we continue to provide that care, keeping our sheep healthy — to ensure great value for you.

Here are a few pictures to show what you can anticipate when you visit our whole lamb farm:

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