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Halal Meat Farm

When you think of purchasing your meat have you ever thought about getting it from a meat farm? Maybe you have never experienced selecting your animal for dinner and for you it seems a bit odd to pick out what animal will be your prime rib or lamb chops for dinner. However, have you considered that picking out your protein from a meat farm makes all of your meals truly farm-to-table? 

When purchasing meat from a farm like ours, you are given an amazing opportunity to enjoy not just the meat but the enjoyment and process of selection to finalized cuts of meat. Whether you like sheep, beef, veal, lamb, or goat we can give you delectable, well-curated, and highly sought-after meat. What is more, we do this all while following the process to make sure that the meat on our farm can be prepared in accordance with Halal requirements.

Being a meat farm, and one that specializes in halal, receiving common and bizarre questions is something that has become common. So let’s get to answering them for you!

Halal Meat Farm Near Me
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What is a Halal Meat Farm?

We are so glad you asked. In the vast array of meat farms, there are many ideas that come into peoples mind as to what a meat farm really  is. Some think of the overcrowding of industrial meat farms or the simplicity of a small hobby farm that have become popular with viewing on youtube and other social media platforms. 

When you come to a meat farm like ours we provide you with the ability to choose your animal from a broad range of available animals. Our meat farm is slightly larger than a small hobby farm but nowhere near the level of an industrial farm. .

What makes our farm different is that all of the animals on our farm are in accordance with Halal requirements. Halal is the term used for foods that are permitted in the teachings of Islam.  Being a Halal meat farm means that we do everything to ensure nothing breaks the regulations of Halal. 

This may leave you wondering, what meats are considered are Halal. We are so glad you asked. Let us educate you about the halal meats offered on a meat farm.

Halal Sheep and Lamb

cuts of lamb and sheep in pa halal meat

Sheep from the Halal Meat Farm

When you first hear the idea of buying sheep from a halal meat farm it may seem like something that is completely foreign. A kind of meat that you would eat only if you had to. However, the truth is that while buying sheep from a meat farm may feel uncommon, consuming sheep meat in itself is not as uncommon as most people think. 

Sheep For Sale In Pa

What is Sheep Meat Called?

When you go to a meat farm you want to sound educated, prepared and knowledgeable. When going to a halal meat farm like ours all of our animals are alive so you can easily call each animal by its name and know exactly what kind of meat you will be receiving. However if you are wanting to know the name that is most commonly associated with mea that comes from the sheep it is commonly referred to as Mutton

Lamb Chops Meat Farm Near Me

What is the price of your sheep meat per a kg?

This is a common question that we have. At our halal meat farm, we are always staying in line with up-to-date pricing to provide you with a market value. The best way to find out how much we are charging per kg is by calling us.  While we don’t measure the weight of our animals in kilograms the easiest way for this to be figured out is to take the total weight of the animals in pounds and divide it by a value of 2.2 pounds (as 2.2 pounds is the same weight as 1 kilogram).

The way this would play out in the market would be as follows:

(1) 220 lbs sheep divided by 2.2. lbs equal 100kg mathematically this equation looks like 

220lbs/2.2lbs =100 kilograms 

While Sheep (or mutton as you now know it) is a wonderful meat to get from our meat farm another delicious and tender choice that we offer is lamb.

Lamb From the Halal Meat Farm:

Halal Lambs For Sale Near Me Near Reading Pa

We admit that it may be hard to associate eating an animal that is so cute with one that would become a meal from a Halal meat farm. But when you can pick out your lamb from a meat market like ours, not only will you be satisfied with the meat but you will be happy to know that the animal is being treated humanely and is given everything it needs to flourish. 

What is lamb meat called?

When you hear the word lamb what kind of meal comes to mind for you? Oftentimes the idea that comes to our mind is lamb chops, or leg of lamb. Did you notice that both of these cuts of meat have the name of the animal in it? That is because unlike some other animals, meat that comes from a lamb has the same name as the animal from which it comes. Lamb meat is only considered to be lamb until it reaches the first year of life, after that it is called sheep.

Leg Of Lamb For Sale Live Meat Farm

What Does Lamb Taste Like?

In a one word answer we think lamb tastes AMAZING! However, purchasing a whole lamb from a meat farm like ours can be an ambitious undertaking. Purchasing a whole lamb leaves you with the potential of over 50 pounds of meat. If you have had lamb before you may already be salivating at the idea of having all of that meat. However, if you have never had the opportunity to eat lamb you may be wondering what it is compared to in taste. 

If you search the internet it is easy to find all sorts of ideas as to what others think lamb will taste like. To make it simple for you we have done the research for you. Lamb has a flavor that is all its own, some people say lamb tastes similar to beef but is more gamey. We agree with this statement however, keep in mind that purchasing a young lamb from a halal meat farm will give you a meat that is far more tender than beef.

Calf and Cow From the Halal Meat Farm:


Calf Meat from the Halal Meat Farm:

When going to the meat farm it can sometimes have a negative feeling associated with it. But have you ever seen calves having this much fun?

While these are not our calves we make sure that our calves are treated with this kind of respect and the ability to enjoy life as much as possible! They are given ample room to move about and all the food that they could want to eat.

What is Calf Meat Called?

When preparing to ask for your preferred meat in the form of a calf you may be wondering what this kind of meat is called. Baby cow (or calf) meat is referred to as veal. Veal can only truly be classified as this kind of meat until the calf has reached 1 year of age. After this, the animal is now known as a cow and the meat that it produces would be considered beef.

Veal Parmigiana Live Meat Near Pa

When coming to a meat farm to select your veal you most likely have some recipes that you want to try in mind. However, maybe the friend that you brought along to help pick out your meat is asking you what veal tastes like. 
That is a great question and we would rather answer it for you than make you feel as though your question is an inconvenience to us. We say veal tastes similar to beef (as the meat is from the same animal in different phases of life) but it is much more delicate and tender in taste.

Veal Near Lancaster Pa Meat Farm

Is veal lamb?

One of the most common questions out there is about veal is what animal does it come from? More specifically is veal lamb? When you come to our meat farm you can visually solve the issue by looking at the animals. Until then let’s put the issue to rest, veal is not lamb! Veal comes from calves, not lambs.

Cow From the Meat Farm:

Beef For Sale In Pa

What is meat from a cow called?

It is hard to mistake that cow meat comes from anywhere other than a meat farm. If you haven’t quite learned what cow meat is called, the general term is beef. Beef can come in all sorts of varieties such as steaks, roasts, and most commonly ground beef. All of these kinds of beef can come from a cow on a halal meat farm like ours. 

How much does a cow weigh?

When people come to a meat farm they are sometimes taken aback at how large a cow really is. Leaving them to wonder how much does that animal weighs? Cows can weigh close to 1,600 pounds (and their male counterparts can weigh even more)! This means when you leave our halal meat farm you will have literally hundreds of pounds of meat. Making purchasing a beef cow ideal for multiple people or large families.

Can cows swim?

As a meat farm, it is our desire to make sure that our cows are as happy as possible. Oddly enough one of the most common questions we are asked is can cows swim. While we as a meat farm do not have a swim area for our cows we do have video footage that cows can indeed swim! 

Goat from the Halal meat Farm:

Cut Of Meat Set. Poster Butcher Diagram, Scheme Goat

Fresh goat meat from a meat farm like ours gives you the ability to see the animal that will become your meal(s). We offer a wide variety of goats such as Kiko goats, Boer goats, and other meat goat hybrids. All of these varieties of goats are available near you in Mohnton, PA.

How long does it take goat meat to ship?

Did you know that a quick turnaround for goat meat is 3 days? Not only does it take 3 days to arrive at your home but it will arrive frozen. The meat will come from a place that is nowhere close to you and is often times left ordering cuts of meat that may not be cut to your desired requests. Maybe being told that certain days are not ideal for delivery because they can’t accommodate your needs. 

One of the benefits to working with a local meat farm like ours is that when you come to pick out your animal it can be yours within a matter of hours not days. It is completely fresh and not frozen until you do so. This lets us continue our desire to letting the meat you purchased be as much of a farm-to-table experience as possible.  

We do offer delivery services within a certain mileage, be sure to call us to see if we can bring it to your door.

Goat Meat Chevon Meat Available In Pa

What is goat meat called? 

When you have friends over you may be excited to give them some of your goat from the meat farm. However, it may feel difficult to tell some of your guests that they are eating goats. A great way to phrase it is that they are eating chevon, as this is what goat meat is often called. Additionally, if you desire we can prepare other parts of your goat for consumption.


The most bizarre question we receive:

Bizzar Questins About Halal Meat Farm

The answer is yes horse meat can be halal. However, in the United States it is quite taboo to consume horse meat, and often times will be nearly impossible to find. Additionally, we DO NOT sell horse meat!

So what is holding you back?

As you can see when you choose to go with a meat farm, especially one that specializes in halal like us, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to your meat selection. Whether you prefer the familiar flavor of beef and veal, the gaminess of lamb or mutton, or the distinct taste of goat. We know that we have what you are looking for in abundance and quality. Come check us out on the meat farm to get a look at your meat and experience the true farm-to-table excellence from our meat farm.

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