Here at Shepherd’s Touch Farm, we offer free of charge Halal butchering that is done in-house in our facility, after your order has been processed. Halal butchering is done by our professional and experienced personnel. We offer varieties of zabiha meats, such as, beef, veal beef, lamb and goat.

Zabiha are meats prepared the Halal way, where specific steps must be taken in the process of halal butchering.  We are a genuine Amish Halal Farm, here to provide you with best quality meats.

A Halal Butchering Process Made for You

We allow customers to participate at their own will. You can purchase your desired animal at our farm, and then perform the butchering here at our facility yourself. Price of the selected animal doesn’t change if we do it ourselves, Yes, custom butchering is Free as long as you buy the animal from our Shepherd’s Touch Farm.

Also, we offer a live feed of the butchering process of the selected animal. We give you a unique experience, where you can watch to assure the preparation is done properly and according to Halal butchering standards. We leave that up to you.

Your Halal Butchery Choices

Here at Shepherd’s Touch Farm, we strive to make your whole meat buying process easy and straight forward. So, we offer different custom butchering methods.

There are different techniques of taking animal’s skin off, of course after its deceased. You can have it skinned traditional way or choose to have skin burned out. Some cultures like it a certain way, so we like to cater to different traditions and styles of skinning.

Let us know which way you like more, and we can prepare it to your liking, at no charge. You also have an option to exclude or include some parts of the animal. Such as feet, head, kidneys and stomach.

Your Halal Butchering Options

Fresh Halal meats!

Pick-Up Options

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to stop by and pick up your prepared meat. If the distance is greater than an hour of driving, we recommend that you bring an ice chest. That way it will keep the meat nice and cool on the way back.