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Are you frustrated with the limited availability of fresh goat meat farms in your area? Are you finding that the meat available is not processed to Halal Standards, or if it is, it is bad quality? Are you concerned about eating meat that is halal? Would you like to be involved in choosing your meat and overseeing the process at our halal goat farm? Here, at Shepherd’s Touch Farms, you can buy goat meat from a farm you can trust!

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Welcome to Shepherd’s Touch Farm fresh goat meat farm! We specialize in halal goat farm. We provide a convenient experience, from selecting an animal all the way to butchering process. You are welcome to be as involved as you like in the preparation of your highest quality halal meats.

We keep a large stock of healthy kids (baby goat meat), billy goats, and nanny goats available at all times, ready to be processed and delivered from our goat meat farm to your table. Not only can you be sure of the quality of every goat you purchase from Shepherd’s Touch Farm, you can be involved in every step of the preparation journey.

Goat Meat Halal Farm

10 Goat 🐐Meat Benefits

  1. Helps in fighting cancer cells
  2. Rich source of Vitamin B
  3. A wonderful source of Protein, lean goat meat can help repair muscles
  4. Good source of Iron —helps people who are suffering from Anemia or are Iron deficient.
  5. Contains many vitamins and minerals that include Vitamin B6, B12, calcium, zinc, and many more.
  6. Eating in moderation can help you stay fit mentally as well as physically.

  7. Helps improve bone health and prevent bone diseases.

  8. Contains less fat than chicken.
  9. Increases Immunity due to high source of minerals, vitamins and proteins combined. Strong immunity will help you fight most of the diseases.
  10. Many other benefits when included in a balanced diet.

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Stop being unhappy with your experience dealing with non-Halal meats and the limited meat options at grocery stores! Here at Shepherd’s Touch Farm, the only thing you will be leaving with is a clear conscience and the satisfaction of having the freshest Halal goat meat possible.

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