Ephraim Team Member

Sales & amp; Barn Mangaer

Ephraim is the founder of Kingdom Livestock Transport (KLT) and its sister company, Shepherd’s Touch Farm. He has a personal relationship with God and strives to obey Him, and he desires that others would come to know God in the same way. He currently fills a multitude of roles, including managing sales, overseeing the barn, buying livestock, and driving part-time. Ephraim’s vision plays a huge role in the direction of the company, and he enjoys implementing his ideas. He also loves interacting with people from other cultures and discussing his faith in Christ. Ephraim has been married to the love of his life, his wife Amanda, for twenty-one years and counting, and he has a family of nine children.


Office Manager

Samuel is Ephraim’s oldest son, and his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the company plays a vital role in helping KLT run smoothly. Samuel’s work includes purchasing livestock, dispatching drivers, and managing the KLT staff. He also drives a truck and trailer from time to time and acts as our field representative. Samuel enjoys singing, reading, and auctioneering every now and then.


Barn worker

Andrew has been working in the barn since he was young, and his familiarity with animals makes him a valuable part of our team. Andrew is a volunteer firefighter, and he enjoys studying Christian apologetics. He also plays piano and loves a good Spikeball, volleyball, or hockey game.


Barn manager

Ben is responsible for all things barn-related at Kingdom Livestock, as well as assisting with marketing and contributing to the company Google page and website. He has been happily married to his beautiful wife Bethany since August of 2021. Ben loves music and has played the piano since he was seven years old. In addition, he enjoys reading, listening to thought-provoking books and podcasts, eating his wife’s amazing food, and discussing his Christian faith.


Driver and barn worker

CJ’s time at Kingdom Livestock is divided between working in the barn and making delivery runs. The fifth of eight children, CJ grew up in on a farm in Lancaster County.

He loves traveling, trying new foods, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and experiencing other cultures. CJ spent 16 months in Jordan, where he learned to speak Arabic.

Irvin Pic 2022


Irvin’s main responsibility is making a delivery run to New Jersey five days a week with a gooseneck trailer. He’s also in charge of maintaining our trucks, and he does a variety of handyman jobs that help the company run smoothly.

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Abner is our main New York City driver. His extensive skill at maneuvering gooseneck trailers and semis makes him highly qualified for the job. We also like him because he’s always cheerful!

Mark Pic 2022


Mark is our most experienced driver, having been driving semi trucks for over forty years. He often brings in semi loads of animals to the farm, as well as making delivery runs to NYC. Mark is very generous and a lot of fun to be around, and he’s known for keeping the rest of the staff well-supplied with hot coffee when he’s in the area!

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office worker

Jynette works in the office here at KLT; her tasks include doing behind-the-scenes paperwork,
invoicing for our wholesale customers, and much more. She’s great with people, and her work
is vital to the company running smoothly.

Chris Pic 2022 (4)

Mechanic & amp; Barn Assistant

Christopher, another of Ephraim’s sons, is our resident machine operator. He is very talented at running whatever you put him in, whether it be a skid steer, lift, or track hoe. Chris also helps with the mechanic work here on the farm, and he works in the barn when the need arises. Chris is a volunteer firefighter, and he loves hunting, sports, and a good laugh.

Jonathan Pic 2022 (1)

Barn Helper

Jonathan is Ephraim’s youngest son, and he’s learning to help in the barn. His special task is to milk-feed baby calves too young to eat grain, as well as taking care of baby lambs and kids born at the farm.

Driver Picture


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                               Barn Workers