Halal Meat in Lancaster, Pa!

Your desire for farm-fresh Halal meat is fulfilled at Shepherd’s Touch Farm. You choose the Halal meat you want, and we will butcher it to your specifications at no additional cost. All of the halal meat options available to you are young animals, ensuring you that the most succulent and tender dishes can be created. Whether you want a goat for a family gathering or a cow for a wedding, we have what you need! 

Halal Animal Choices Near Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

Halal Meats Goats For Sale Near Lancaster Pa
Halal Sheep And Lamb For Sale In Lancaster Pa
Halal Beef And Veal In Lancaster Pa


We offer a wide selection of Halal meat goats. Just a short drive away from Lancaster, PA, your farm-fresh halal goat is available for selection and butchering Monday-Saturday.


Current Market Price: $3-6 per/lb.

We accept EBT

Lamb and Sheep: 

Quality Halal lamb is hard to find. In just over 30 minutes from Lancaster, PA, you can come to select the lamb you want and see how high quality it is for yourself!


Current Market Price: 

Lamb:$3-6 per pound 

Sheep: $2.50 per pound

We Accept EBT

Beef and Veal:

Purchasing Halal beef is a great way to fill your freezer (and help a friend fill theirs). Just a short car ride away from Lancaster, PA, you can come to buy the whole cow or an excellent veal for that special occasion. 

Current Market Price: 

Beef: $1.60-2 per/lb.

Veal $2-3  per/lb

We accept EBT

Disclaimer: All prices are up to date as of 4/28/22 and are subject to change. For the most up to date prices give us a call at 717-471-7773 or 267-324-2880.

What to Expect at Shepherd’s Touch Farm

Dedicated Team

As your Lancaster, PA Halal Farm, we are dedicated to serving you. No matter the order size or frequency, we love it when you visit us. 

About Us

Free Custom Butchering

After selecting your animal, tell us how you want your animal butchered, and we will do it at no additional cost to you.

Custom Butchering

100% Halal

Preparation is key to Halal meat. At your Lancaster-area halal meat farm, we ensure the slaughtering is lawful! 

Halal Meat Close To Lancaster Pa

From Our Farm To Your Home

As your Lancaster-area Hala meat farm, we know how important it is to find a wide selection of high-quality Halal animals. At Shepherd’s Touch Farm, our family looks forward to serving yours! To ensure you can get what you want, we have weekly shipments of animals, this way you are able to get the young and tender meat you desire.