Halal Meat near Mechanicsburg, Pa!

Fresh Halal meat always makes for a high-quality dining experience. At Shepherd’s Touch Farm, you can have high-quality and quantity of Halal meat all in one place. We are a live Halal meat farm, not too far from Mechanicsburg, Pa, that allows you to pick the animal(s) you want, butcher it the way you like, and take it home as soon as you are ready. At Shepherd’s Touch Farm, you can choose from the wide selection of halal animals we have on the premises. Whether you want a lamb for a family gathering or a cow for college graduation, we have what you are looking for.

Halal Animal Choices Near Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 

Halal Goat For Sale In Mechanicsburg Pa
Halal Lamb And Sheep For Sale In Mechanicsburg Pa
Halal Beef And Veal In Harrisburg Pa Copy


As the Mechanicsburg, Pa destination for Halal goat, we have just what you are looking for. Whether you want a Boer Goat, a Kiko Goat, or a hybrid of the 2, we have a wide range of young, healthy goats for you to choose from.


Current Market Price: $3-6 per/lb.

We accept EBT

Lamb and Sheep: 

Tender, juicy, and succulent lambs are available for your next get-together. You can select the perfect-sized lamb for your dinner table at our farm, just a little over an hour away from Mechanicsburg, PA.


Current Market Price: 

Lamb:$3-6 per pound 

Sheep: $2.50 per pound

We Accept EBT

Beef and Veal:

Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, and T-Bone are all great cuts of beef. In about an hour from Mechanicsburg, you can get your Halal beef from our farm to the table all in one day.

Current Market Price: 

Beef: $1.60-2 per/lb.

Veal $2-3  per/lb

We accept EBT

Disclaimer: All prices are up to date as of 4/28/22 and are subject to change. For the most up to date prices give us a call at 717-471-7773 or 267-324-2880.

What to Expect at Shepherd’s Touch Farm

Dedicated Team

At Shepherds Touch Farm, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best Halal in the Mechanicsburg Area.

About Us

Free Custom Butchering

Whether you like a thick-cut steak or want to keep the feet, we are happy to provide you with custom butchering at no additional cost to you!

Custom Butchering

100% Halal

All of our animals are culled under 100% Halal laws. We are ready to serve you no matter what Halal animal you are searching for

Halal Meat Close To Lancaster Pa

From Our Farm To Your Home

Finding a halal meat farm that will also do the butchering at no extra cost is challenging!  We know how important it is for your family, friends, and colleagues to be served the highest quality halal meat on the market. That is why at Shepherd Touch Farm, we look forward to serving you! Our farm is a reasonable drive from Mechanicsburg, and we promise to be able to make your dinner table all that it should be.