Your Halal Meat, Your Way.

Welcome to Shepherd’s Touch Farm LLC. Where quality meets convenience. We are a family run Amish Halal Farm, that specializes in fresh farm meat. We work directly with farmers who take utmost care and nurture the livestock in a state-of-the-art facility. At our farm that sells meat, we are here to provide you with best quality 100% Halal meat products and farm fresh produce.

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100% Halal Meat Farm. 100% Fresh Guaranteed.

Don’t let local grocery stores sell you frozen food and call it fresh. Why buy frozen, when you can buy farm fresh meats. We understand halal meat is a limited market, and most of the grocery stores don’t cater it. But stress no more, because that’s where we come in. We are one of few local farms that sell meat. We’ll guide you step by step to make the process smooth as butter.

Farm Fresh Meat Choices

At our fresh meat farm, we have Halal whole meats that include, goat, lamb, beef and veal options. Preparation is done at our meat farm facility. Once you have made a purchase of a whole animal—which you will handpick—halal butchering will be on us and totally free. This process needs to be done by a butcher that specializes in Halal preparation. We have a qualified Halal butcher that is well experienced in proper preparation and butchering. Check out your choices…

Shepherd’s Touch Meat Farm. What’s here for you?

We offer fresh farm Halal meat, that is cut to order. You are the in the driver’s seat. What do we mean by that? Well, you have a freedom to come down to our Halal meat farm and handpick your animal. Don’t have time to do so, no problem. We offer a Facetime or WhatsApp video services where you can select a specific animal. Convenience, we know all about it.

Dedicated Team

We are a family run Amish Halal farm out of Mohnton, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to catering your Halal meat needs and farm fresh produce. Our many customers speak for themselves—literally (check out our Google reviews). Read more about our farm, and even better, visit us!

About Us

FREE Custom Butchering

Every purchase of our animal includes free custom butchering. Now that’s a deal. Easy process, you select the desired animal and let us handle the rest. You are even welcome to butcher the animal yourself.

Custom Butchering

100% Halal Meat

Halal meat is prepared in a way that makes it permissible to eat for Muslims. It is the slaughtering process that makes the meat lawful to eat. Special steps must be taken into consideration, in order to make it Halal—or in another word permissible.

Halal Meat
Fresh Meat Market Meat Slaughterhouse Farm In Mohnton Pa

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Hello again, we are here to supply you with our farm fresh produce and honey products. When you make it down to our farm, make sure you try our sweet honey, you will thank us!

Livestock Transport Mohnton Pa

Live Market Wholesale

Are you in the market for live animals? Partner with Kingdom Livestock Transport. We buy, sell and transport lambs, goats and cattle nationwide. Our primary goal is to deliver them carefully and on timely manner.

Kingdom Livestock Transport

Pick-up Your Halal Meat

We offer a wide range of pick up hours for your halal meta order.  You’re welcome to come and tour our farm. Get some fresh air while picking up your farm meat.

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